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Hey guys what’s going on it’s sorrowful here, and today I’m going to
teach you all about cubes! If you don’t know what cubes are, they are a
special type of item in MapleStory that can alter the potentials on your
equipment for better or for worse.

Over the years, MapleStory has introduced a plethora of different cubes
to us… the original miracle cube, the occult cube, super miracle cube,
Enlightening Miracle cube, and many others. Thankfully in today’s
MapleStory, there are only a handful of cubes that us players need to be
worried about, and even less for those who don’t take gearing up too
seriously. In total, there are currently 6 types of cubes that although
similiar, all have key differences between them. These 6 cubes are:
-the master craftsman cube
-the meister craftsman cube
-the red cube
-the black cube
-the bonus potential cube which some people like to call, the green
-and the Violet cube.

These cubes vary in price, characteristics, and in some cases, are
obtainable through different means. But before I go into detail with
each cube, know that the exact % tier up chance of each cube is and
probably always will be unknown. I’ve seen speculation on these numbers
before but to my knowledge I don’t believe Nexon has ever formally
revealed what the values are for each cubes’ tier up rate. With that
being said, the first cube I want to address in
this video, is the Bonus Potential or Green Cube. The bonus pot cube is
quite simply the ONLY cube currently available in all of Global MapleStory
that can be used on… you guessed it, bonus potentials. This cube quite
obviously has the ability to rank a bonus potential all the way up to
LEGENDARY, and quite honestly has a good % chance of ranking up your
equipment which makes sense considering these are usually the most
expensive cubes in the cash shop at 2.4k nx each. Also obviously, these
cubes are used for anything bonus pot related whether that’s tiering up
or cubing for stats.

The second cube I’d like to address is MapleStory’s Violet cube. This is
MapleStory’s latest addition to the cube lineup and is quite honestly
the most interesting of them all. The violet cube to date has only been
released in the cash shop once which was almost exactly a year ago from
today. The price you ask? 3k nx each. The violet cube is still
obtainable in today’s MapleStory but in very small quantity and only as
lucky event rewards such as during hot time. The violet cube is the only
cube that upon use would give you the option to choose any combination
of potential lines among the 4 or 6 lines of potential it revealed.
The amount of lines or options you would get to choose from would be
dependent on how many lines of potential your equip already has. If your
equip has 2 lines of potential, the violet cube would reveal 4 lines of
potential for you to choose from upon use. If your equip has 3 lines of
potential, you get to choose any 3 lines from the 6 that it would reveal.
And to top things off, the violet cube also has the chance to tier up
your equipment to the maximum of Legendary potential. This cube is greatly
desired among the funded community as it is the best possible cube to use
when cubing your legendary equips for stats, which should be your main
purpose for using this cube.

The third cube I’m going to tackle, is the Master Craftsman cube. This
cube is only obtainable through either: Crafting it yourself via the
crafting system in maplestory, or as a drop from both bosses and rank 10
veins. The master craftsman cube is truly quite simple, as it simply
resets your equipment’s potential with the chance to tier it up up to a
max rank of Unique. Because of this, this cube can only be used on equips
ranked unique or lower. The main purpose of this cube is to try and get
lucky and rank a low tier equip up to epic or unique, or if you’re
unfunded then it can be used to try and get good potential lines on a
already-unique equip.

The fourth cube I’ll be informing you of, is the meister craftsman cube.
Similar to the master craftsman cube, this cube can be crafted and found
as a drop from bosses as well. However, I don’t believe you can obtain
this cube from mining a high ranked vein. The meister cube simply resets
your equipment’s potential with a chance to tier it up as well, but this
time it’s up to a max rank of Legendary. Most players use this cube
either to rank an equip up to legendary, or to get some decent lines on
an already legendary equip.

The second last cube on the list, is the Red Cube. The red cube is pretty
much a go to cube for most players, as it’s not only the cheapest
buyable cube in the cash shop, but it’s usually in most cases all a
person needs. The red cube works exactly like a meister craftsman cube,
meaning it can rank equips up to legendary and that’s about it. The only
difference between red cubes and meister cubes is that one is paid for
while the other is craftable, and they both have a different % Chance
to tier an equip up. Red cubes are mainly bought in bulk from players
trying to either rank equips up to legendary, or trying to get good stats
on their already legendary equipment. The reason why people buy Red cubes
as opposed to just crafting meister cubes for free is essentially
quantity and work. To be able to craft meister cubes takes a lot of time
and mesos, and you can only craft so many due to lack of materials, which
makes crafting them a very ineffecient method of gearing up especially
during an event like miracle time. All of this is even twice as true
when you consider red cubes are sold in bulks of whatever amount you
desire keeping in mind they do the same thing.

And finally, Black cubes. Black cubes are a very special type of cube
which have the highest % chance to rank up an equipment’s potential,
up to a maximum rank of Legendary. They also have a very unique feature
where it not only shows you which potentials the cube has granted you,
but it also gives you the option to either keep your equipment’s
previous potential before you used the cube, or to keep the new potential
the cube has granted you. This effect is especially useful if you have
an equip with an already good potential but are trying to get an even
better one, as this cube ensures you don’t lose your equips current
potential unless you choose to. However, this cube is mostly used and is
recommended for its tier up rate when players are trying to rank their
equipment up to Legendary.